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tv   Right This Minute  KICU  May 4, 2012 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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hello, everybody. i'm beth troutman. it's friday and that means it's time for the "rtm" top ten countdown, "right this minute." emergency evacuation from mount everest as a well-known climber suddenly collapsed. see the dangerous descent by fellow climb toers get their man off that mountain alive. things aren't quite what they seem when a man spots a damsel in distress, because the --. damsel's a dude. >> we dare you to look away from this one. >> it's a train wreck. right? and you're just glued. >> remember venus angelic? a lot's happened since she debuted on our show. >> have you gotten additional
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offers for maybe your own tv show? >> yes. >> how life as living doll is paying off. >> and -- >> this guy find an interesting vise one day while working from home. >> see what that noise at the window was all about. >> i wanted to go check what it was, and it's -- >> oh! [ laughter ] >> oh. we begin our countdown with our number ten video and steven has it. >> when adventurers climb mount everest they're dealing with quite a bit of elements, but how about chest pains and difficulty breathing? look at this individual grow "national geographic" magazine. that's exactly what happened to climber and photographer cory richards, on assignment for "national geographic" magazine near the west shoulder of mount everest with his expedition crew when he started having chest pains. >> i'm really, like, overtly concerned about -- >> shortness of breath. >> i can't breathe. >> the original plan, get him to camp one, basically their first
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sort of base area as they were climbing up the mountain. in hopes that a helicopter could come and pull cory out, but the weather was so bad that the helicopter couldn't make it in. >> moving down. >> so they're saying, look, the best thing to do, bring him the entire way back down the mountain to their base camp. >> gosh. they're going to cross these crevices on ladders? >> exactly. core hi to g-- core hi to get ud walk. >> horrible to see. the guys that climb mount everest are in great shape. >> cory is a well-known acclaimed climber. for this to happen to a guy like cory, extremely rare. >> eventually the helicopter is able to come and scoop cory up. take him to nepal. he was later sent to a hospital in kathmandu. what was cory's issue? a myron heart attack? >> doctors still don't know. they roomed out anything related to altitude sickness.
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he's still in the hospital in kathmandu and planning to return to his home in boulder, colorado, shortly. cory is feeling much better, but she not going to return back to the expedition. the next video in the "rtm" top ten countdown at number nine. gotcha! >> what you're looking at is surveillance cameras from a model's home in florida. and these two kids busted in. the sheriff's office says that they kicked in the wall. so they busted up the plaster and they also took this popcorn machine you see right there. >> how do you walk down the street way popcorn machine without looking ridiculous? >> honestly, i don't know. >> we've got nothing better to do than wreak havoc? >> they need an activity like go a boxing club or something. join the eagle scouts. learn how to help old people. instead, they're helping
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themselves to this popper machine valued at, like, $500. >> they caused $700 worth of damage kicking in the wall. it's like he came back upstairs to kick it in. >> you know what's sill ji don't vandalize property and steal stuff and break in. come on. >> like a cool prank is like collecting all the town geese and putting them in the principal's office. they make a little mess, but nobody's hurt. >> sounds like you might have -- >> what? >> all the town -- >> just a suggestion. right now i'm sure meeting gayle at the park, wrangling up -- come on, everybody. at number eight, it's time for a little cute break, and here you go. >> they're never going to stop getting -- >> this time it's in florida, and he's in a storm drain. >> ah. >> a storm drain. they just sweep up those little kittens. >> in spite of the traffic and the noise, this pass per by was
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able to hear this little baby kint meowing. >> just walking down the street. that's when i could hear the sound. i looked down and that's when you could hear it, it was very, very loud. >> they tried using hands to pull him back out. it didn't work. >> get a hose -- >> they used water and a very clever firefighter to pull him out. but, yeah. the water did kind of help guide him to the exit. he came out, butt first. th handed hi up butt first. terrified. >> how terrified when they pulled him out i think he even clawed at the firefighter, but finally they rescued him and he's now calm, he's being petted. >> the cat's just scared. of course, you would fight, too. once chipped out, cute, sweet. >> poor little guy. getting swept into a drain and coaxed out way hose. >> that's like a disney -- maybe they should make a disney movie out of it. >> that famous movie, "cat in a drain." >> we do what question and tevey
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to get the job done. a guy who knows his way around traffic. >> this can be difficult. sometimes you use hand gestures. >> my favorite move. in a real jam, you can't turn that down. >> i've never seen that. >> it works. >> it's a tough merge in russia, like three lanes of traffic trying to come down to two lanes. what happens here? gesture? here comes. >> oh! >> oh, he held up a gun? >> yeah. the guy in the black jeep was like, i'm coming in. but he was already in. >> yeah. unnecessary roughness, there. >> look at that gesture. >> holy -- >> beyond the one finger salute. >> i think then i would just do a u-turn and start going oert way. i don't really need to get where i'm going and don't want to be behind this guy. >> and lett few more people in. create some space. anyone else want in? come on in. >> a guy you don't beep your horn at. >> no. >> oh, my god.
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we're back to the "rtm" countsdown. we've had lots of great videos on the show today and number six is -- >> a guy woke up to this pretty interesting scene outside his melbourne, australian, home at around 8:00 a.m.
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at first glance you might think there's a guy beating up on a woman here. take a closer look here. >> oh, no. >> uh-oh. >> and that is, in fact, no damsel at all. >> that damsel's carrying a baton. >> the damsel -- [ laughter ] >> yes. >> the damsel's a dude. so we see this transgendered individual then chase after this man in a ripped up suit, shirt completely open, pants ripped. that guy dives into the cab and you hear the transgender individual saying, give me my money. >> [ bleep ]! >> you can only speculate on what sort of transaction we're talking about here. >> help me! >> the transgendered individual then pulls this guy out and the fight continues. >> who's the dude with the mohawk just watching? >> he's the cab driver. >> he finally says, okay. i'll pay you. walks this man across the street an atm. now, talk about the odd couple crossing the street. like if you're that car what are
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you thinking at 8:00 in the morning? he/she steals something from this ripped suit man then walks away. talk about a walk of shame here. can't even get a cab. he goes to this wurngs this cab's like, i'm sorry. no thank you. pulls away. >> this one here, the guy's looking, kind of like, ah, no way, bro. >> he jacked him up? >> oh, yeah. big time. according to the upleder on youtube, the police came to scene but both parties disbursed so no arrests. >> that was fascinating. i could watch that again. >> it's a train wreck, right? and you're just glued to your screen. look at this scary and odd amusement park ride. tell me what you would name it. >> i think it would be, poop your pants. >> oh. everybody wants to ride the poop your pants. doesn't look too scary. >> doesn't look too scary yet and kind of looks like reads we've seen. >> the swing or -- >> yeah.
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flips as it swings. oh, it does that. then it does something else, too. so you start swinging. you're like, okay. we've seen this. >> i've avoided that ride every time you see it. >> check your restraint, like, 50 times. i think it's good. click it down one click too far, then it's pushing in on your stomach. >> too tight. >> and that point, people lose all their money, sunglasses and dentures. >> wait a second. looks like it broke. >> it starts to look like the arms are breaking at different little joints. as it's still spinning, and twirling, and spinning. >> it doesn't look like it's that scary, though. >> here's the thing. it's not moving so fast. you know? it's kind of going slow. >> oh. >> you don't think it's scary, some of the people started flying out. it just starts spinning people -- >> that would be horrible. >> that would make it scary to watch. >> a little earlier in our show we showed you a video on how to merge in traffic in russia.
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now, number four, back to russia and another how-to. it's the 21st century. right? >> yes. i believe it is. >> i don't think they know that in russia. >> what are we looking at here? >> you're looking at a woman behind a tractor. she's plowing the fields i. see what you're saying. you're saying the man should be behind the tractor and the woman should be behind the wheel, but maybe she's stronger than he is? >> well, she doesn't seem upset. if you work on a farm, you have to do what has to get done, and maybe in this situation, she doesn't drive this tractor well, but she guides the plow well. >> maybe she also doesn't have a driver's license. so that would be illegal for her to be behind the wheel. >> so you know that you need a driver's license to drive a tractor in russia on a farm? >> when i was driving a tractor in russia on a farm, yeah. i needed one. had to go to the russian dmv. parallel park, very difficult. >> maybe he will switch with her
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once they start going down the other row. >> i think maybe she shouldn't be doing this. it will hurt her back. >> i think she should have chose, like a different bottom half clothing item than a skirt? because a skirt is a little -- like work pants. >> i think that's a little cooler, though. >> i think he's got the easy job here. i really do. >> who's right? should the woman be drive this tractor? go to facebook and let us know. not so much drama when your workplace is home. right? this guy heard from drama knocking at his window. >> i wanted to go check what it was, and -- >> find out the surprise lurking on the other side of the glass. and remember this? worth appearing on "rtm." >> she has become an international sessionation.
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>> now back to tell us about her new-found stardom.
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all right. we're back with the "rtm" top ten countdown. down to our number three, and at number three, surprise! >> working at home can be monotonous, your by yourself no
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workplace drama. this guy found something interesting while working at home. >> i'm jut sitting here working and i hear something out my window. i wanted to go check what it was, and -- it is two raccoons having sex. >> oh! >> oh. >> yeah. >> and basically what he finds -- two raccoons during the intimate time. >> quintous interrupt ounchous. >> the most boring in the animal kingdom or just like, freeze, and hopefully he'll take the camera away. >> she's like oh, my god. this is going to be on internet. are you kidding me? pretty soon be the most famous raccoons out there, you know once you get a sex tape out there -- >> like the kardashians. >> keeping up with the
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raccoonians. >> she's asleep for half of it anyway. >> i told you this was a bad spot, right in front of the window. >> morty, get off me! our number two video in the countdown today a girl who struck it famous after being on our show and dressing the way she does. >> do you remember venus angelic? the girl from london who drss up as a she gives makeup tips o look like a doll but also skin care routines. one of the videos is on cupcakes. ♪ cupcakes let's go. >> since she's been on "right this minute" she has become an international sensation. so "right this minute" from london, we have venus angelic. how has your life changed since you were on "right this minute"? >> extremely exciting. i love it. >> do you get recognized when you go out on the street? are awe local celebrity?
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>> everyone wants to take pictures with me when they see me and they tell me how great my videos are and how much i help them. it makes me really happy. >> have you gotten any additional offers from, may s f your on tv show? >> exactly. an amazing project coming up. merchandizing, my own tv show. a documentary. so i think my fans love it, but it's a big create. >> why do you think so many people love your videos? >> because i have my own style. it's really unique. i do the living doll style without any photo shop or without any plastic surgery. it's just smooth, and i'm having fun. >> can we ask your mom a question? we want to know what she thinks of all of this? >> it's nice, because of the affection, it's positive. and she -- >> how do you help deal with some of the negative attention that she gets? >> i think that some people just
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find it funny to make negative comments or something like this. sometimes i really believe that they are the bigger fans. >> are you proud of her? >> yes, i am proud of her, because she is a smart girl, and i think she is also amazingly talented. >> most moms would probably have said, no, you're not doing this, but you close to encourage it. why did you make that decision? >> because i believe that parents are there for their children to support them, whatever happens. if it's not something harmful, you should support your children. >> and i'm baking cupcakes. there's no super hero here. this time, the villain comes out on top. get ready. it's so good, it's criminal. @
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you know that old expression, fighting like dogs and -- parrots. >> oh, yeah. >> well if you're fighting over a yogurt container, that's exactly what it looks like. >> it looks like a puppy. a little puppy face. >> i do think these being very gent gentle. a parrot is very aggressive. >> look at the bird licking it.
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the little bird tongue came out. >> and the dog looking at the camera, you got this guy? >> and hmm, i'm taking this back. >> like a tug-of-war. >> poor little bird can't get a grip. >> until one of them gets hurt. >> no. >> it's not cute anymore. >> ate the bird. cost feathers. >> and the gert, chobird -- >> a fun video. >> unfortunately we won't be able to watch that part of this encounter, because the video ends. we're there! it is number one time on the are the "rtm" top ten countdown. seattle where do you find these guys? >> for every brave super hero in the world there's an equally devious villain. >> my name is rex, the villain, if you will. >> you have met your match. >> phoenix jones is sort of a
3:56 pm
real-life super hero that's patrolling the streets of seattle for a couple years now, but somehow rex velvet seems to have a problem with that. >> now opting his projection by a -- tormented, delusional freak in a mask! but i will not back downro unt rid of you. >> this could be a clash of biblical proportions that i'm not sure seattle is quite ready for. we've got rex velvet, the villain, right this minute via skype. what has phoenix jones done that you find so deplorable? he protects seattle. >> he doesn't protect seattle. the police protect seattle. or at least now they're just getting a little lazy, perhaps, don't you think? if they're trusting jones with all of this celebrity and all this tomfoolery when all of his
3:57 pm
silly other pansy wearing friends just pa rouse about the town as if you haven't noticed on the news quite serious times. >> what is that wep than you'ap you're threatening phoenix jones with? like a can opener? >> i can using in i want. and it doubles as a pen. not many people know that. >> who do you look up to as a villain? who are your villain heroes? >> we have the jocker. we have dr. evil. my personal favorite, martha stewart. >> oh! >> how do we know that you and phoenix jones aren't just homeboys and you're doing this to get yourselves some publicity? >> homeboys? i live in an underground cave. how many home. boys do you think i have? >> what's the worst thing that you've done to the city that now you can't do, because phoenix jones is out there? >> look, i would love to have tea time with all of you people
3:58 pm
for a great, long time, but all will be revealed in time. there's another video on the way. ♪ that's it for the "rtm" countdown, everybody. thanks for joining us. one more video for you called "pursuit of light" shot by nasa. enjoy it and have an awesome weekend. -- captions by vitac -- honey, i can't find my internet cord. oh, i'll borrow hailey's. you're downloading movies. fast! from here?
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